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The easiest way to track your blood sugar.

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It's like having a battery meter to your body.


Use the data to stabilize your blood sugar.


A stable blood sugar is linked to less stress and increased longevity.

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14 Day Blood Sugar Trial


Independently measure your blood sugar

Monitor your blood sugar on your own with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Refer to our guided content if necessary.

1. Sensor delivered directly to you

Just let us know where you want it shipped.

2. Use your smartphone to scan

No other equipment necessary. Note: must be NFC compatible.

3. Access our guided content and tools

Our library of video content will help you get set up and make the most of your 14 day sensor wear period. Use our blood sugar data template to analyze your data.

+ FreeStyle Libre sensor
+ Access to guided content
+ Tools to analyze blood sugar data
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Currently we can only provide the program for non-diabetic individuals with an NFC compatible smartphone in the following countries.

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Who is the product for?

Our current program is designed for non-diabetic population looking to improve their lifestyle habits, such as diet, athletic or mental performance.

Should I get the DIY or Guided version of the product?

Depending on your previous experience with nutrition, metabolism and performance. If you're just getting started and would like to have an expert guiding your throughout the process you might want to gravitate towards Guided.

How long do the sensors last?

Each CGM sensor lasts 14 days.

Where is the product available?

We currently ship the sensors to US,Β Canada, UK and France.

We're working hard to make the product available in other regions. Send us a message where you would like to see us next.

What do I need to scan the sensor?

The sensor is scanned with your personal mobilephone.

In order to participate to the 14 day blood sugar trial, you'll need an Iphone 7 or greater OR and NFC supported Android phone running on 5.0 or greater.

What all is included?

Each purchase comes with everything needed to get started measuring your blood sugar. This includes the CGM sensor, the applicator and educational content through a web-based dashboard.

Guided package comes with more personalization aspects. You will have a designated professional (engineer) who will have weekly video calls with you and answer all your questions, any time during the trial. Additionally your engineer will conduct data-analysis on your behalf.

Are the sensors waterproof?

The CGM can be worn in the shower and can be worn while casually swimming. If swimming for longer than 30 minutes, at depths deeper than 3ft, or in salt water, wearing waterproof tape on top is recommended.

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